How to Make a Genesis Child Theme from Scratch

Theme is now included with the course!

I am so excited to finally release this. As I was making the website, I recorded the entire process. This is going from the original PSD file that I created, right into a Genesis Child Theme.

What You’ll Get Out of the Course

This is the entire process that I use for making a Genesis Child Theme from Scratch.

  • You’ll see the thought process behind building the site.
  • You’ll learn about action hooks and filters.
  • You’ll learn about CSS styles and Widget Placement
  • You’ll learn lot’s of tips and tricks.

The entire course is 12 videos and is about 3 – 4 hours long, maybe a little more.

You’ll be able to ask questions via the comments on each video session as well.

Tools Used

  • Sublime Text 2
  • SASS
  • PhotoShop
  • MAMP for Mac

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to use any of that, I’ll show you how simple they are in the course.

This is real/raw video.  That means that there were no rehearsals and no scripts.  As I was building the site, I was recording it.  I’m a normal person and you’ll see the mistakes, pauses, etc., that I experienced as I built it.

The site was built with the Genesis Sandbox Theme as well, so you’ll get a little more insight into how to use the amazing free Genesis Starter theme.

HTML5 was used when building the site but when I built this it was with RC2 of Genesis.  The only real difference is a few class/name changes, and I’ll make note of them as the course progresses.

This course as well as every other course that I will be creating is done in the Practical Approach Method.

Practical Approach Video

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All Videos are up and downloadable for your convenience!
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