Top 10 Reasons Why You SHOULDN'T Work With Us!

Top 10 Reasons

Why You SHOULDN'T Work With Us

Most people would probably put a list about the top 10 reasons you would want to work with someone, well, we're a bit different.  We're very selective with who we work with. We've been in the industry for over 11 years and we really focus on building relationships with our clients, as most of our business is repeat.

You just want someone to do whatever you want behind the keyboard.

It happens, some people need control, we get it.  However, if you want to take full reigns on your web projects when you're business is something totally different, that's not something that flies too well over here.  We probably won't be a great fit.


You're shopping for the cheapest price.

Just to be clear, we are definitely not the cheapest service.  If you're not looking to invest in your business that could and should bring you way more than what you invest, then we won't be a good fit.  We want to provide you value and deliver way more than what you would expect from any other agency.

You think you're a designer.

It's definitely cool to be a designer, but design is so much more than what looks pretty and what doesn't.  We focus on looking good, but also on best site practices, conversions, leads, etc.  There's a ton involved in that process, and we know what we're doing.  If you're going over the design and want to change every color and design element because you "don't like that color" then we probably won't be a good fit.  Aesthetics are totally subjective, but we apply reasoning with every move we make.


Developers keep firing you and you don't know why.

Truthfully if that keeps happening, we're sorry.  Who knows what the reason may be, but there's definitely something that's not vibing with what you're doing and what the developers are doing.  Not going to say we'll never give it a shot, but we may not be a good fit.

You're too busy to communicate and be a part of your website.

The success of your website is heavily linked to you're participation.  You can't just have a website up and expect magical things to happen. Communication is key!  Whether it's phone, email, Skype, whatever, you should be available to discuss your business online.  We can only help as much as you allow us.


You Can't Adhere to a Payment Schedule.

We'll call it a schedule but it's really just adhering to the time a payment is due.  When we choose to work together, we're building a relationship heavily based on trust.  When we deliver work, we expect on time payment.  The same abides by your business and your clients I'm sure, so we're no different.  It sucks to have to chase payments when difficult work has been done.

You think web work is easy.

Not to be rude, but... thinking web work is easy is kind of rude.  There's a lot that goes into coding, designing, etc..., it's not easy. There's no such thing as "can't you just..."  Everything involves some type of code, styling, logic, etc.


You Don't Trust The Professional.

Welcome to our world where we create websites for a living and have been doing so for quite some time.  I'm sure in your line of business, there are many many things that I wouldn't know, however if I ever needed to use your service, I'd trust that you knew what you were doing.  This kind of works the same way.  We would definitely need your insight as far as how your business works, etc., but keep in mind, we're the web people. We know this stuff, please trust us.

You're not sure you want to work with us.

We're not trying to force you into making a decision, in fact, we prefer not to.  You have to be willing to trust us the same way we're willing to trust you.  We're building a relationship, not just "here's money, here's job, bye bye." (wonder how that will translate when reading).  If you're not absolutely sure that you want to work with us, please don't.  We don't want to start a budding relationship on the premise of "What If I would have went with company x?" or "I hope I made the right decision".  Be confident.  We know that we can do the work you require, if we can't, we'll tell you directly.  We're not trying to trick you into signing with us.  That would be bad on both ends.


You hate awesome.

If you can't tell yet, we have a bit of a personality here.  Of course we're professional, but we do throw in a few jokes here and there, or carry a friendly "Hey, what's up!" kind of attitude where ever we go.  Life's short, it's cool to smile and enjoy yourself.  We'll focus on getting you online, and you focus on the things that you love! Then we'll all be happy 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the list! If you don't fall into any of the above,
then please get in touch with us and let's work on your next project!

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