Category Redirection for WordPress


*Update: 01/17/13 Redirect all your permalink structures! Check this out: On the bottom is a generator that will show you what reg ex you need for the redirect. Then in the redirection plugin, just add the regex code to Source URL, click the regular expressions checkbox, and add the target ($4 or whatever the […]

Web Design is Dead!

Web Design is Dead

Do you still call yourself a web designer? Are you spending hours upon hours trying to find the perfect colors/graphics to use in your web design? What if I told you that web design doesn’t even matter and your wasting your time?

Future Proof your CSS – Clean it up and optimize

I’m going to share a few tips on how to clean up your CSS. Tip 1 – Organize Your Style Sheet There needs to be some type of organization on your style sheet.  Don’t just randomly start naming classes and ID’s. Organize it.  Start with the most common things first.