Free GOOD High Res Stock Photo Resources


Here’s a list of some really cool and good high-res stock photography. And it’s all FREE!! The ones on the top I use frequently =) – Nice Site, good for modern stuff. – Cool Photos – I just signed up =) – Random Images – Same as unsplash – […]

New Affiliate Plugin, Possibly Coming Soon


Most of us that blog, have a nice little side bar that displays a few different ads. I’d say maybe 80% of the time these are affiliate links to products/services that we use or recommend. The other 20% are blogs that get tons of traffic and charge for ad space. This plugin isn’t for that. […]

Be a better web designer!

sheen_winning copy

What does it mean to be just another web design agency? Have you found your niche yet? Do you know your market, I mean really know who your targeting? Welcome to 2012, where everyone’s brother, sister, cousin, niece, nephew, and father-in-law can design websites. I’m sure we’ve all been there, being outbid by the “competition”. […]

Your Social Media Strategy Sucks!

You love Facebook.  You love Twitter.  You love Instagram, StumbleUpon, linked in, etc. You probably have a profile for each one.  Someone probably told you that you needed it because everyone’s on it. I say that’s all BS.  You only need what you’re going to use and I guarantee that you pay attention more to your business then […]

Quick Tip: Clear CSS Floats

I notice a lot of people like to float elements all the time but don’t clear them correctly. I’ll shed a little insight on this in the future but for now, here’s a quick snippet of code that I use all the time to clear css floats.