Beaver Builder: A WordPress Designer For People Allergic To Code


Article written by Tammy Martin at Martin Marketing Like many business owners the thought of revamping my home page was daunting to say the least. I’ve heard horror stories of the process taking months to complete. Instead of tackling my entire site, I decided to take on one single page at a time, which made… Read More

How to use remove_action with conditional tags

This section is Pre-Genesis 2.0, below is the Genesis 2.0 version. This is also one of the most useful code snippets you will ever use with Genesis. If you ever tried to use an if statement because you wanted to remove an action on a specific page, you would have noticed that it doesn’t work!… Read More

Image Path Fix for Timthumb and WordPress Multisite


Featured images don’t play nice with wordpress multisite. The problem is when you use standard wordpress/genesis functions, the paths to the images are all wrong!!!! (When using timthumb of course). I was using it for a theme demo of my blog actually and used subdirectories on my multisite. But every time I added a featured… Read More

Using the Genesis Featured Image


I decided to write this post because I wanted a way to align my featured image to the right by changing the default class from “alignleft” to “alignright”. I figured it would be simple enough to do. I probably just had to add a filter to a featured image hook or something along those lines…. Read More

A WordPress SEO Secret you would have never guessed!

Visitors Overview - Google Analytics

I initially had the idea to write an article that was going to add upon the thoughts of Ben Hunt in. In the article he states that SEO is not about adding more content to the site but about writing quality content (You learn a lot more about that in the PWDC). I Agree with… Read More

How to get the path of a featured image in wordpress

I’m using a new plugin and need to find the source code of the featured image on the posts. After some research I found this nice little snippet of code and it works GREAT!!! Now I just need to find out how to only get the uri!! Any help would be much appreciated!

How to shorten / edit the manual excerpt in wordpress

So I had to figure this out for one of my clients and what a pain. I found a bunch of code out there that said they edited the length of the excerpts, but they didn’t. Then I did some research on the wordpress codex and found out some interesting things about the excerpt. THEN… Read More