I HATE GoDaddy Hosting! Here are 3 reasons why.

Update 2015: I have to show GoDaddy a little respect. From the time I wrote this to now, they’ve really be making long strides and improving their service a lot, from hosting and even to support.  At this point, I think this post is more entertaining then anything. Take it with a grain of salt.

Do you host with GoDaddy?  If you do, you need to stop.  It is the worst hosting platform/interface/service I’ve ever used.  I’ve been creating websites for over 8 years now, and I’ve never gotten more angry then with sites hosted on GoDaddy!  Here’s my list:

1. I can’t find anything!

The GoDaddy interface is the most disgusting/confusing interface ever.  Did you get a domain, or hosting, or 1 of their other 100 services?  There’s an admin screen for everything!! Domain Management, Hosting Management, Email Management, Deluxe Hosting Management, DNS Management, blah, blah, blah, and the list goes on.

Real World Example:

Trying to move my clients WordPress site to my server.  I have to back up the WordPress Database.  Can’t find PHP MySQL.  Oh, I found it, under Hosting Management, then clicked a button called options, then went to the hosting control center, then looked for databases drop down, clicked manage database.  I need a user name and PW.  I tried the one I logged in with…WRONG! OK… I see the username field, wtf is the pw?  Oh silly me, I have to create a new pw from a tiny little icon on the top that says pw in about a size 8 font.  Just incase you’re not sure what a size 8 font is, it looks like this.

I can go on with different stories of how their user interface has screwed me up, but another time.

2. I get nothing but problems

I use WordPress a lot.  I build other sites as well with databases.  I always seem to get issues that never occur anywhere else.  Just random errors pop up.  Page not found, fatal errors, database errors.  No rhyme or reason, I’ll test everything on my local server and even my host, everything works fine, but on GoDaddy Hosting…FAIL!

Real World Example:

Trying to install a plugin on my clients website to back it up to move it.  FATAL ERROR!  Can’t fix it. I’ll upgrade WordPress to the latest version. ERROR!  Apparently he has an old version of PHP that you have to pay for to upgrade.

I download a site, pretty large site (social network), keeps timing out.  I had to download in piece meal, took me forever.

3. Customer Support is a Joke

When I call customer support on a service that a company offers, I expect some knowledgeable people. Not with GoDaddy.  I’m pretty sure they just hire people who can read a candid response of answers.

Real World Example:

I need to change an A Record for a client but they have all of their emails hosted with GoDaddy (about 50).  In GoDaddy’s DNS the A Record is “linked” with all the mx records, and such.  I need to figure out a way to do this without affecting the emails.

Conversation went a little like this:

Customer Support: Hi this is GoDaddy, blah blah, can I help you?

Me: Yes hi, I’m actually looking to see how I can add or change the A record for my client who has about 50 emails set up without actually affecting the emails.

Customer Support: … Is there a problem with the site?

Me: No, I just need to know how I can do that.

Customer Support: So what are you trying to do, something with an A? record? (purposely put two question marks to imply the lady had no idea what I was talking about)

GoDaddy is good at one thing only, to buy domains from.  If you need a domain, yes, go to GoDaddy.  But if you’re looking for anything else, please save your money and go to an actual hosting company.  I’ll be more than happy to recommend a few.

Hosting Recommendations

Based on more experience and a few suggestions from the comments, if you’re looking for a new host, here are a few suggestions:

  • WPEngine (aff link) – Possibly the best WordPress host out there. It’s a little expensive but once you have an account, it’s totally worth the money. Here’s a write-up I did about it: WordPress Hosting Tips and WPEngine Review
  • Ace Net Hosting – I use them on the regular. The service is great, cPanel is really easy. Just overall good, I never had any issues, at all, ever.
  • BlueHost – I never tried them but I’m hearing a few good things. I can personally say they are good or bad, but if you’re looking to try something out, why not.

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