You hit a wall in your business. 
I can help you bust through!

Planning alone is tough. We get stuck in our own heads and can't get out of our own way.

I know the feeling. I've been there.  We make a decision, then we second guess ourselves.  Other times, we get so caught up in the work that we're doing, we can't think outside of it.

Even through all of that though, we know we want to grow.  Whether it's to reach new customers or find new methods of monetizing our services.  The answers are out there, sometimes we just need help pulling them out.

​Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes - A quote by Oscar Wilde and nothing but the truth.  We learn through mistakes and a lot of times we learn through other peoples mistakes.

My cousin told my nephew not to touch the light bulb, it's hot.  My nephew was 3 at the time.  He kept hovering over the light, wanting, yearning to touch it.  "Don't touch it, it's hot, your going to get burned!"  5 minutes later. AHHHHHH.  Sometimes we need to experience things ourselves, but when someone tells you it's hot, many times its best to listen and not get burned.

Let Me Stop You From Getting Burned!

I've had lots of failures and wins in my career.  I've learned from both large corporations and small agencies.  My experiences in the following can help you break through your current barriers.

Marketing Tactics and
Content Strategies

Monetization Methods

Creative Thinking

When You Discover Your Audience You'll Be Able to  Pin Point Your Message

This is the hardest thing to come to terms to, but once you do, everything else become so much easier! You can laser target your messaging and marketing and begin to break the barriers! The clearer your audience, the more we can discover on how to appeal to them!

In 13 Years I've Experienced the Ups and Downs of Small Agencies, Freelancing, and Large Corporations.

I've had the pleasure to witness first hand when things work, and when things don't.  You can read books all you want but until you actually go through the trials themselves, a book will only get you so far.

I've helped larger companies take their development productivity down from 1 hour to 10 minutes.  I've helped smaller agencies create new ways of reaching their audience.  

I've grown my own business from 15k to 80k a year working a maximum of 2 - 4 hours a day!

I Can Help You Create A New Marketing Strategy To Reach Your Business Goals. One of the great things about my work experience is before I was a web developer, I was a web designer.  I define myself as a creative constantly thinking of new methods and ways to attain results.  There's always more than one way to tackle an issue and I truly enjoy the challenge.

My situation was a unique one.  The fact that I had a family and worked full time forced me to think differently when it came to growth and success.

Jonathan is kind enough to give me a very honest website review. It's strategic in a sense that he helped me straightened up the way I will design my content to work for my target audience.I know who my target audience are but I didn't know how I will approach them through my website. His review is like a kick in a butt. It pushes me to take action and take my fear out to make my business work.


Let's Figure It Out Together

Below you'll be able to book a 60 minute session with me to discover and figure out what we need in order to achieve your goals.  After the purchase you'll be directed to a form where I can get a better idea of your business and what you're trying to accomplish.  We'll then book a 60 minute call which will be recorded and anything that we build or discuss will be sent to you.  You get to keep it all! 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Here's What I Can Help You With

  • Discover Your Audience 
    Not sure you want to appeal too yet? Let's run a few exercises to figure this out.
  • Clarify Your Messaging
    Content Strategy is key!  Let's get some traffic and optins by getting a content plan together!
  • Expanding Your Income Source
    Incomes are like video game lives, if you only have one, it's game over real quick! Let's see what we can leverage!
  • Grow Your Email List
    A good email list is invaluable to your business.  Let's get some people signed up!
  • Brainstorm Ideas and Make Solid Decisions
    Thinking solo is hard.  Let's make the right decisions that will push you forward.
  • Talk It Out
    Let's fine tune your goals and get them accomplished.

If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door!

Milton Berle

Here's What's Included!

  • 60 Minute Strategy Call
  • Actionable Instructions
  • Recorded Audio and/or Video
  • Follow ups

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed