Do you need to be a web designer?

Ask yourself that important question. Maybe a few years ago you would have immediately answered, yes of course I do. As a matter of fact, that is what I answered, and that’s why I became one, but as the Internet evolves, I’m not sure if I chose correctly.

Web Design is Dead!

Web Design is Dead

Do you still call yourself a web designer? Are you spending hours upon hours trying to find the perfect colors/graphics to use in your web design? What if I told you that web design doesn’t even matter and your wasting your time?

Professional Web Design Course by Ben Hunt

Ben Hunt’s PWDC is truly amazing and highly recommended for anyone who wants to start web design or just be better at it.  I signed up for the initial class he gave and was blown away immediately by the information I was picking up.  As a matter of fact, it’s still going on!

Why Zen Coding is Awesome!

If you want to code faster and just make things that much more convenient, you have to use Zen-Coding. What is Zen Coding? Zen Coding is an editor plugin for super fast HTML coding.  You can also use it for XML and XSL (or any other structured code format).  I use it with dreamweaver and… Read More

Great Icon Sources for your Websites

I use a variety of icons on a lot of sites that I build.  Here are a few helpful links that I use to find the perfect icon! – Awesome site, great layout and very easy to use. – Another amazing site with a ton of icons to use. Just a tip, make… Read More