6 Essential Business Tips to Grow Your Side Business


If you’re like me you probably work a full time job and make some cash on the side. Well I’ve been growing my side business over the last 10 years and have come across some incredibly useful information on how to grow your side business. I’ve compiled these essential business tips from self experience combining… Read More

Future Proof your CSS – Clean it up and optimize

I’m going to share a few tips on how to clean up your CSS. Tip 1 – Organize Your Style Sheet There needs to be some type of organization on your style sheet.  Don’t just randomly start naming classes and ID’s. Organize it.  Start with the most common things first.  

Why Zen Coding is Awesome!

If you want to code faster and just make things that much more convenient, you have to use Zen-Coding. What is Zen Coding? Zen Coding is an editor plugin for super fast HTML coding.  You can also use it for XML and XSL (or any other structured code format).  I use it with dreamweaver and… Read More

Great Icon Sources for your Websites

I use a variety of icons on a lot of sites that I build.  Here are a few helpful links that I use to find the perfect icon! http://findicons.com – Awesome site, great layout and very easy to use. http://www.iconfinder.com/ – Another amazing site with a ton of icons to use. Just a tip, make… Read More