10 Ways to Make Your Business Zoom through Website Services


When people come and ask us for website services, they often worry about whether this will really help improve their business. We understand! You may be a great financial advisor, accountant, insurance broker, mortgage broker or any other type of professional. But without an online presence, you can kiss your professional growth goodbye. If you aren’t focusing on growing your business online you are just another fish in the pond. Truth is, there is a reason why so many professionals decide to put effort and money into their online presence. It is because the internet can help build the brand.

But simply having a website for your business is not the catch-all. You must also focus on getting people to visit your website – and that is the tricky part of this online business thing.


Purpose of online presence

The ultimate goal of all website services is to make your business visible online, to get new clients, but that can only be done through greater visibility, an achievement that needs to be fought for. So, if you’re looking for ways to make yourself more visible, grow your business and acquire new clients, then online presence is what you need to give your business the much-required boost. Online presence not only increases your chances of being found but also offers you an opportunity to promote yourself the way an established company does.

So how do you create more awareness of your business? These ten tips will show you how.


Get Your Message Across

Amazingly, there are more than a few businesses that have substance and the potential to reach audiences by suing quality website services. Unfortunately, most of these businesses don’t invest any of their advertising money online. The problem is that they can start to lose business to competitors and may not realize how much of a difference they can make by investing in an online presence.

The benefits to online advertising are many but the primary benefit like sin your being able to reach out to people that are already interested in your offer.


Being Online Helps You Establish Your Brand

There is nothing more rewarding in the online world than people finding your content to be informative and enjoyable. Once you develop a reputation for being a website that offers better information on the subject than your competitors then people will keep coming back to your website. This will result in higher consistent traffic which will eventually establish you as the one-stop destination for those looking for information on the subject.

Investing in content is extremely important to successfully implement your strategy as it not only attracting traffic but also it increases knowledge of your business. This will help you to build a strong relationship with your client base as they will owe you their loyalty for as long as they see value in your services.


Connect With Your Customers

When you have a good website and relevant content you can stay in touch with your customers. Then as you become known as a subject matter expert, people will keep posting their queries and expect you to provide solutions to their problems.


By responding to them in a timely and professional manner you can turn them into fanatics. This will increase the number of shares your content gets on other websites. In this way, your content can increase the popularity of your business and result in better relationships with your customers.

A strategy which is created keeping in mind the future business goals is likely to yield good results for your business. However, these benefits can only be reaped after putting in consistent efforts over a period of time.


Update Your Contact List

Old info doesn’t lead to new sales. You won’t get far trying to get in touch with a contact who no longer exists or has moved to another country. Finding that an old contact has a new gig will actually open up a new customer base for you.


Set Realistic, Achievable Goals

Goals that are met improve employee morale and avoid employee frustration. Goals that are not realistic leave everyone feeling unfulfilled and unsuccessful. The old saying is true, “Nothing succeeds like success.


Monitor Trends

When you know what is going on you can set your sites on using that for your own purposes. When you know what people are interested in you can start to produce it. When you know where things are heading you can position yourself to go there. It’s not rocket science. If you own a restaurant in a changing neighborhood, better change the menu to suit it, or you can end up selling buggy whips to sports car drivers. And that’s not going to work out very well.


Make Web and Outreach Content Relevant

People and customers care about what they care about, not necessarily what you care about. So when your spinning your story, make it one that includes what your customers care about. You have roughly 8 seconds to convert a shopper into a customer and that won’t happen unless what they read about on your site solves their problems, fills their needs and delivers what they are hoping to find or they will click on.


Ask Your Clients for Testimonials

Nothing is as useful as good, solid reviews. Nothing is as useful as the praise of someone who has done business with you and is happy with the results. That is how to take any success you have with others and make your business more successful because of it. The more the better.


Learn to Use Social Media to Attract Customer Interest

SM gives you the ability to specifically target those most interested in why you do or sell. It is also a cheap way to make a big impression. Today’s customer is a different animal, They can show up knowing as much or more than you do so tell you story they way you want it told, because SM might be the first stop on any shopping trip.


Know Your Customer

Get inside their heads, their needs. Spend time talking to them not just selling them.Ask them what they like about you and also what you might do better. The better you know what they want, what drives them, where the need is, you can adjust to serve them better and that will serve you better. I guarantee it.


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Management and Maintenance

Bottom line, we want to make sure your website is running as smooth as possible.

In addition to everything mentioned, we also add up-time monitoring to your website so we can be notified if your website ever goes down and fix it.

We back up your website daily, we make sure it’s running fast, and we ultimately treat the website as if it were our own.

Even better actually. The shoe makers shoes.

Site Security

WordPress sure does love to be hacked.

I guess that’s to be said for a platform that runs almost half the internet.

Key point, hackers love to mess up WordPress websites.  It’s incredibly annoying and an enormous nuisance if it happens to you.

But there’s hope!  We have security on top of security.  It’s very rare that one of our site’s gets hacked, but in the event it does, we’re on it. 

We have backups, and we make sure to clean the site to get it back up and running as quickly as possible.

Update Plugins and Themes

When you use WordPress, Themes and Plugins are constantly being updated.

Here’s the kicker though, it’s up to you to actually update them.  Most business’s purchase a  website and never log in to do essential updates.

When this happens, plugins end up being less and less secure, making you vulnerable to hacking and malware.

Not only that, when it does come time to update, if it’s been too long, it can actually break your website.

We make sure all of your plugins and themes are secure and up to date.

Task Requests

We want you to know that we will always be available and ready to make changes to your website.

All you have to do is make the request and we’ll add the task into our queue to work on.

We try to keep tasks limited to 30 minutes, and only 1 request a day.  But just reach out to us to make sure.

Anything over the 30 minute mark is invoiced.

If there’s ever an emergency task that you need to get done, mark the request as “Emergency” and we’ll take care of it ASAP.


If you really want to know all the technical stuff about our hosting, here it is.

We have multiple servers on a platform called Cloudways.  All servers are upgraded and specifically tweaked to make WordPress run really fast and be really secure. 

There’s 24/7 support on all of our servers and daily backups are ran both on the site and on the server itself.

We host all of our sites because it gives us more control and if anything ever goes wrong, we can jump on immediately instead of waiting  for support. :) Also, free SSL for you!