Why SureFire?

Why Should You Use SureFire Web Services?

Because this should never happen...

  • 1 An Agency or Developer builds a site, then just moves on and you end up stuck with something you have no idea how to use.
  • 2 An Agency or Developer uses a theme that starts one way and is then hacked apart to work right.  Then when it comes to updating or making changes, it's unusable.
  • 3 A websites is never touched or logged into, then when it needs to get updated, it's too old and no longer works.
  • 4 An Agency or Freelancer confuses you with buzz words like SEO and Meta info, and Responsive Design never actually explaining what they are or why / if you even need it.

We don't just move on

Our goal is to remedy the issues.  The first thing that sets us apart is our priority.  We want to build relationships with you, and you are ALWAYS our priority.  We have no plans to disappear or leave you or your site high and dry.  Email us 24/7 and we'll be there to answer.

We don't hack themes

Having your site built with a pre-made theme sounds affordable at first, but can lead down a very upsetting and expensive path. The problem with themes is they are ALL built for specific purposes but selected because they look nice. Your business should stand out, and your online presence should be unique.

Using website flowchart sitemap connecting, working algorithm and navigation site structure. Flat line style - vector illustration

We stay on top of your website

We make sure your website is up to date. If it breaks because of some new technology or a plugin, we will fix it for you at no charge.  Your website is a part of your business, and we want to make sure that it's always functioning the way it's supposed to.

We're Straight Talkers

No web buzz words. We'll tell you exactly what is and what isn't, what you need, and what you don't.  There are no extra bullet points that 'seem' like you're getting more than what you are.  When it comes to your website, you'll know exactly what is involved and even better, you'll understand too.