Website Management for Small Businesses

When you can’t hire someone in-house, hire the next best thing, and focus on your business, while we take care of the tech.



Has this happened to you?

You're paying For Services You Don't Need

An Agency or Freelancer confuses you with buzz words like SEO & Responsive Design, never actually explaining what they or why/ if you even need it.

Your site Has never Been Updated

Your website was built exactly how you wanted it but no one has logged in to make any type of updates or changes, and now you’re at risk of breaking the site.

Your website was created from a theme

A developer uses a theme that starts one way and is then rebuilt in order to fit the vision. Then when it comes time to make changes, it’s unusable and costs more to edit then it should have.

you're left hanging

An Agency builds a site then moves on and you end up stuck with something
you have no idea how to use.

What makes us different

We can manage everything from your domains to your marketing
landing pages and even marketing emails.

We work closely with you

It’s all about good communication and we provide weekly updates and check-ins.

Tried & tested tools

We don’t guess, we know what works and we pass those resources along to you.

Proactive management

We monitor constantly and make sure everything is running smoothly.

Straight talk

No buzz words. We’ll  tell you exactly what is & what isn’t, what’s needed & what’s not.

How We Work

Learn about what we do without the technical mumbo jumbo

We host your site
Our goal is to make sure we live up to our
promise. By controlling the environment of
your website, we can provide optimum service.
Your site will run smooth
Like a good cup of coffee. We make
sure all of your plugins and themes are
up to date and working.
You can use our tools
Access to all of our premium licenses
to use for your website needs and goals
including opt-in software, image galleries,
and more.
You become a member
Exclusive membership access
to our premium resources, content,
website tips, and much more!
We do all the work
Send a request, then
get back to your important day
knowing everything has been taken care of.
You can reach out,
We are available via phone, email,
chat, support tickets, etc. As a high
touch service, we make sure you're
taken care of as soon as possible.

Simple Billing

We try to keep everything as simple as possible, including our billing structure.

Smooth Operations
Enterprise level hosting
Theme and Plugin Updates
Uptime/Downtime Monitoring
Extra level of security, malware search and clean
Very Fast Load Times
Domain / DNS management
Daily Backups
Email Support
Take The Wheel

*1 task per day.

Daily Task Rates
Over 30 min - $150/day
Over 2 hours - $250/day
10% off for Take The Wheel Members

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We want to make your life easier!

It’s frustrating to have a site built only to not know what to do with it. We never want that to happen!
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